The scandal of the Qatari charities that are funding terrorism

The English-speaking website Blitz
published a detailed report on Qatar’s financing of terrorism through charities
and the Qatari regime’s involvement in supporting electronic jihad.
These are the charities most active in the financing of terrorism:
1-The RAF Foundation
is led by the brother of the Emir of Qatar
It funds extremists in Syria, Sudan and Libya
and provided $ 37 million to Sudan
and had close relations with Turkey.
2-Al-Ihssan Charitable Foundation
It was included on the terrorist lists by boycotting countries
and supports the Houthi militia in Yemen
3- Sheikh Eid Charitable Foundation
The hidden arm of Qatar in Europe
It was accused supporting terrorism by the Canada Revenue Agency.
In 2016
It won contracts to build 335 mosques in 17 countries
In 2011
Eid charity provided 385,000 Qatari riyals
to purchase the Dar Al Tawhid Al Islami Center and the Al Safaa and Al Marwa Islamic School in Mississauga
In January 2020
A lawsuit launched by Matthew Schreyer
the American photojournalist detained by jihadist groups in Syria
against Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB)
revealed that he had provided a large sum to Qatar Charity
and he launched a complaint against the Turkish aid organization humanitarian IHH
from the Turkish intelligence agency MİT
by accusing it of trafficking weapons to jihadists related to Al-Qaeda in Syria
and transferring the injured people from the Islamic State in ambulances from Syria to Turkey.
The complaint showed international reports that categorized both the charity and the IHH
as entities involved in funds linked to terrorism.

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