The UAE Responds and Contributes to Easing the Sudan Crisis

In support of the humanitarian principles adopted by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) under the wise leadership of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, and in an effort to prevent wars, the UAE always contributes to finding solutions to global crises in general and the Sudanese crisis in particular. It stands for a ceasefire and peaceful solutions between the conflicting parties.

The UAE seeks to support de-escalation, promote dialogue, and intensify humanitarian efforts in Sudan. It emphasizes the immediate cessation of hostilities.

The UAE consistently condemns actions that led to the loss of civilian and humanitarian relief workers’ lives as well as diplomats. It has pledged to provide urgent humanitarian aid worth $50 million to Sudan.

Mansour bin Zayed and Al-Burhan

As an expression of the UAE’s contributions to solutions, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Deputy Ruler of the UAE, conducted a phone call with the Chairman of the Sovereignty Council of Sudan, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan.

During the call, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed emphasized the cooperation between the two sisterly countries and the UAE’s commitment to supporting all peaceful political solutions to de-escalate and end the crisis in Sudan. He stressed the need to enhance Sudan’s stability, security, development, and prosperity. He also highlighted the importance of wisdom, peaceful dialogue, prioritizing Sudan’s higher interests, and preserving its security and stability. He expressed appreciation for Sudan’s contributions to facilitating the evacuation of citizens from the UAE and other countries.

Sudanese Army Chief Abdel Fattah al-Burhan expressed his appreciation for the UAE’s genuine stance towards its brothers in various circumstances, and its commitment to Sudan’s stability, security, and peace. He affirmed the mutual interest in enhancing joint cooperation that serves the interests of both countries.

Peaceful Solutions

In this context, Anwar Gargash, State Advisor in the UAE, stated that Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s call with Al-Burhan, stressing the importance of wisdom, stems from the UAE’s conviction of the significance of dialogue and peaceful resolution. The UAE is committed to helping Sudan overcome its crisis and return to the path of development and stability.

Gargash continued, through his tweets on Twitter, that the UAE continues its efforts to support all political initiatives aiming to find a consensus-based solution that saves the Sudanese people from the woes of war and division. This aligns with the UAE’s approach that supports peaceful solutions and rejects the use of force to resolve any crisis, as the path of war will only lead to further escalation and strife.

UAE’s Efforts to Resolve the Sudanese Crisis

The UAE recognizes that the urgent humanitarian crisis in Sudan requires tangible steps to alleviate the humanitarian situation on the ground. Thus, the UAE took immediate action by providing urgent humanitarian aid worth fifty million dollars.

Moreover, it continues to prioritize assistance to individuals most affected by the conflict, especially women, children, patients, and the elderly, and provides necessary care to the evacuated individuals who arrived in the UAE.

Furthermore, the UAE actively participates in efforts to calm the situation on the ground and collaborates with other partners in supporting all initiatives aiming to de-escalate and engage both parties in dialogue.

Contribution to Crisis Resolution and Stability

Sudanese political expert Oussama Abu Bakr stated that the current crisis in Sudan necessitates the support of Sudan’s friends to address the severe crisis.

He added that the UAE’s efforts fall within this framework, as it seeks to achieve a ceasefire, end the war, and engage in dialogue.

The Sudanese people support any country that extends a helping hand to them, aiming for reconciliation and an end to the war. In this context, they welcome the UAE’s role as a sisterly country with significant interests in Sudan, as well as its contribution to stability and security.

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