The value of Franco Qatari investments?

Some trading companies and online sales services in Qatar
have decided to stop selling and marketing French products and products,
but there are Qatari investments in France?
Last year, investments reached more than $ 40 billion
Qatar is considered the leading investor in France among the countries of the region
it owns 100% of the Paris Saint-Germain club,
100% of the Elysée building
85.7% of Royal Monceau
and various proportions of Total, Violia, Lagardier and Vinci.
It also bought four hotels from the American investment group “Starwood”
with a total cost of 750 million euros,
It is in fact the owner of the “Royal Monceau” in Paris
of the “Carlton” hotel in Cannes
the hotel “Le Martinez”, one of the most famous French hotels on the French Riviera
of the “Concorde Lafayette” of the “de Louvre” in Paris
and the “Palais de la Méditerranée” in Nice
while the number of French companies working in Qatar
is 300
with 70 are 100% French
and 230 are created with a Qatari partnership
These last years
the two countries have signed many agreements
including deal worth 12 billion euros
during the visit of Macron to Doha in December 2017
including contracts signed by the two countries to operate and maintain the “Doha Metro” project
and the “Lusail Tram” project for the next 20 years
besides to major and strategic energy projects
between “Qatar Petroleum” and “French Total”
with most are spread over 25 years
Thus why Qatar is calling for a boycott of French products?

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