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The Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood continues their games… Details 

Despite the cooperation, bilateral relations, and shared plans between the terrorist Houthi militias and the Muslim Brotherhood, the Brotherhood allows some of its leaders from time to time to criticize the Iran-backed Houthi elements, as a form of deception, manipulation, and disassociation.

Despite the numerous human rights violations committed by the Brotherhood, a leader of the Yemeni Reform Gathering in the capital city of Sanaa has condemned the attack by Houthi terrorist elements on journalist Majli Al-Samadi for demanding the payment of government employees’ salaries. Abdulrahman Juhlan, the head of the Media and Culture Department of the Reform in Sanaa, expressed his condemnation of the crime, stating that it reflects the brutality and audacity of the militias that prove every day their foreignness to the Yemeni people, according to Al-Asimah Online website.

He said on his Facebook page, “The barbaric attack on a journalist who refused injustice and stood by the oppressed to demand their rights is a crime by all standards and laws,” holding the responsibility for the life of journalist Al-Samadi entirely on the Houthi terrorist militias, who had previously looted his radio station and seized its equipment, and still refuse to return those devices, according to his words.

He pointed out that this crime and others serve as a reminder that the kidnapped Sanaa and all the unreleased provinces have become an unsafe environment since the Houthi coup against the state, especially for journalists and the media.

The head of the Media and Culture Department of the Reform reiterated that the national and humanitarian duty requires the unity of all national forces to counter the militia’s racist project and to restore the state to save the nation from theocracy.

It is worth noting that many reports have revealed the relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Houthi terrorist militias, their support in combat areas, implicit agreements to hand over regions, arms deals, and the exploitation of terrorists and prisoners to target national figures critical of both sides.

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