Title: North Korean Leader Declares Readiness for War… Who Will Face Off?

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has once again spoken about his country’s readiness for war, a topic he has frequently addressed recently.

The North Korean Central News Agency quoted Kim Jong Un on Thursday as saying that the unstable geopolitical situation surrounding his country means that it is time to prepare for war more than ever before, during his inspection of the country’s main military academy.

Kim issued field instructions on Wednesday at the Kim Jong Il Military Science and Political University, named after his father who died in 2011, which the North Korean Central News Agency described as the “highest military educational institution” in the country.

Alignment with Modern Warfare

Kim examined how the university trains military officers on modern warfare strategies as well as enemy strategies, while calling for “innovating the educational structure” to align with modern warfare.

North Korea has intensified weapon development in recent years under Kim‘s rule, established closer military and political ties with Russia, and worked on developing strategic relations with it.

Who is Getting Ready?

Kim stated that North Korea must be more resolute and prepared for war, while pointing to the “constantly escalating violence” around the world and the unstable military and political situation surrounding the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The North Korean leader said that if the “enemy” chooses military confrontation with Pyongyang, a “decisive blow to the enemy without hesitation by mobilizing all available means” will be directed.

Despite often calling for “war readiness,” North Korea’s “North Korea” website says Kim has framed his military buildup as a defensive measure to deter the United States and South Korea.

On March 4th, the North Korean leader called on the military forces to be ready to use nuclear weapons “at any time,” following the approval by the Security Council of new stringent sanctions on Pyongyang.

The International Security Council unanimously voted on a resolution presented by the United States and China, significantly expanding the scope of current sanctions on North Korea, in response to a nuclear test and ballistic missile launch.

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