To ignite chaos… Terrorist arms of the Muslim Brotherhood fuel the Sudanese crisis

As the conflict in Sudan continues and the resulting crises escalate, movements of political Islam within the country, led by the Muslim Brotherhood, are trying to exploit the current situation, with all its “misfortunes,” to implement their own agenda. The Brotherhood’s terrorist activities were not absent from the scene in Khartoum, and its role in fueling the conflict there was apparent.

Brotherhood Activity

A report by the Roaya network revealed new activity by the Brotherhood’s arms in what is known as the “Shadow Brigades,” in fueling the conflict in Sudan at a time when many countries and international organizations are seeking to calm the situation there.

Political Islamist forces are currently trying to pump more gasoline on the flames between the army and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) to maximize the duration of the conflict and torpedo any political understandings that could derail the group’s plans, experts said.

Implement Agenda

Dr. Tariq Al-Basheibshi, a leading Muslim Brotherhood defector and an expert on terrorist groups, says: The emergence of political Islam and its attempt to implement an agenda of special interests in light of the current conflict scene in Sudan are extremely dangerous. They are seeking to ignite and inflame the war constantly. They are against stopping the war, against the humanitarian truce, against any ceasefire agreement, and moving the political process forward and forming a civilian government.

He added that the movements of political Islam, led by the Muslim Brotherhood, are currently trying to turn the conflict between two forces into a deep ideological conflict, which complicates the crisis in Sudan, pointing out that the Brotherhood’s brigades rely on creating crises in necessary goods and spreading chaos and wars in Darfur (west), Blue Nile (south-east) and South Kordofan (south), in order to complicate the humanitarian situation on the ground.

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