Tunisia sides declares a national conference to resolve the Country

General coordinator of the Tunisian opposition’s Soumoud Coalition, Hussam Al-Hami, exposed plans to hold a popular national conference by July in an attempt to salvage the country

The conference comes after a local and regional conferences, as well as economic, political and social workshops in collaboration with national organizations, associations and parties, with an aim to put practical recommendations for the resolution Tunisia’s crises.

Al-Hami revealed plans during a gathering held by representatives of parties, associations and organizations in Tunis, on Wednesday, for discussing preparations for the conference and to show their initial visions about it.

He also informed Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper that the conference would include all civil society components to present suggestions on Tunisia’s main subjects, and to reach solutions to the economic, social and political crises in the country. He also wanted that sides working on reform programs for years would consider the conference as an opportunity to make pressure for their demands.

Partisans and politicians, mostly from the left-wing, and deputies, syndicate figures and representatives of associations, were participated in the session.

Furthermore, chef of Ennahda Movement’s Shura Council, Abdelkarim Harouni appealed Prime Minister Hisham Al-Mashishi to head a political dialogue among parties and organizations to overtake the political problem produced by the disagreement between the two heads of the executive authority.

On his part, Mashishi approved a cabinet reshuffle that contains 11 groups to prevent any potential coalition between the president and the Tunisian General Labor Union. Noting that a constitutional crisis started when the president rejected this amendment.

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