Tunisian Analyst: The Economic Crisis in the Country is Orchestrated by the Brotherhood 

A Tunisian analyst affirmed that the ongoing economic crisis in the country is artificially created by the Brotherhood

After their political defeat and popular rejection, the Brotherhood’s organization in Tunisia, represented by the Ennahdha movement, attempts to exploit the crises to sow unrest in the streets. They hope to find an opportunity to destabilize the state and further agitate the situation within the country.

Tunisian Crises

A report from the “Roya” network revealed that the Brotherhood group in Tunisia stands behind all the crises, whether security, political, or social, that the country is experiencing. The Brotherhood tries to manufacture crises from time to time in the African nation, aiming to weaken the relationship between the presidency and Tunisians who chose the path of July 25, 2021, to break free from the grip of the terrorist organization.

Fabricated Crises

Mounir Omairi, a Tunisian political analyst, stated that the current crisis in his country is artificially created by the Brotherhood and its supporters. He pointed out that under the weight of the global economic crisis, the Tunisian people are suffering, as some essential commodities have disappeared from the markets, while prices of other goods have significantly risen. Meanwhile, the Brotherhood is attempting to exploit the crisis within the Tunisian state to ignite turmoil again by spreading rumors and attempting to link the crisis to the decisions of July 25, 2021.

The Tunisian political analyst added that in recent days, the Ennahdha movement tried to capitalize on the economic situation and rising prices as an attempt to deflect attention from its crisis. They even attempted to claim that the accusations of corruption and terrorism against their leadership were a governmental strategy to divert citizens’ attention from the ongoing crisis.

He further explained that after failing to rally the international community against President Kais Saied, the movement shifted its focus to rallying Tunisians against him, using the economic crises to manipulate public sentiment, disregarding their own responsibility for these crises when they were in power.

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