Turkey supports disorder and “legalizes” coup in Mali

Erdogan’s government was one of the first countries to support the disorder that affected several Arab countries,
including Egypt, Syria and Yemen, in 2011
and currently it takes advantage of the political vacuum in Mali after the coup of State
through the visit of Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu,
to repeat the same Libyan scene in Mali.
Swedish website “Nordic Monitor” reported
that Çavuşolu is visiting Mali to form the transition phase in accordance with Erdogan’s policies
and to ensure the formation of an Islamic government in the country
and the extension of its influence in Africa.
Cavusoglu claimed that his country is a strategic partner of the African Union
through movements and contacts in Bamako
Ankara benefits from anti-French tendencies in Mali.
Will Turkey repeat the Libyan scenario in Mali?

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