Turkish electronic media increasingly attack and threaten UAE and Israel

Turkish electronic media army
launches offensive campaign against UAE and Israel
and proud of Turkey’s intervention and their threats against Greece and Armenia
It seems that most of these accounts are false,
they only have a few tens or hundreds of subscribers
and tending to retweeter the same information
they are often the speeches of the President of Turkey
or military sayings.
In June, more than 7,000 Twitter accounts were linked to the ruling party in Turkey
These accounts have many common things
and most of them include photos from Turkish history,
particularly sultans like Abdul Hamid II
or symbols related to extreme right groups in Turkey
or Turkish flags.
These accounts have launched a broad campaign
concentrated on targeting accounts in the UAE
that support Israel-UAE ties
or those who criticize Turkey
Indeed, reports show that since 2014
Twitter suspended opposition Turkish accounts at the request of the Turkish government
or those who criticize Turkey or its ruling party.

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