UN OCHA declared that the armed groups kill almost 60 in Region’s Darfur

On Sunday, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs declared that rather than 60 people were killed and almost 60 others wounded during an armed attack in a village in the restive Darfur region of Sudan on Saturday.

The UN body reported in a statement that the attack in Masteri village in the West Darfur state was one of the latest of a series of security incidents reported over the last week that left several villages and houses, burned markets and shops looted, and infrastructure damaged.

Otherwise, Sudan reported on Sunday it would dispose of forces from different state security services in Darfur, and this after repeated violence there recently, in what SUNA, the state news agency said.

Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok reported in a meeting in Khartoum with a delegation of women from Darfur that the forces will be propagated to the five states of the region to protect people and secure the agriculture season, and any further details were given.

The country’s Security and Defense Council after a meeting on Sunday insisted on the importance of using the force necessary to protect lives and property, and resist all forms of disorder and support equal citizenship rights, in what Reuters reported. This recent violence by militias in North Darfur led the authorities to declare a state of emergency on July 13.

The United Nations reported: The escalation of violence in different parts of Darfur region is leading to increased displacement, compromising the agricultural season, causing loss of lives and livelihoods and driving growing humanitarian needs.

So, the transitional government of Sudan is in the step of the negotiation with some principal groups in Darfur aiming to achieve a peace deal.

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