Western Weapons Flow to Ukraine… and Russia Responds via North Korea

In response to the Western supply of weapons to Kyiv and allowing it to use Western missiles to target his country’s territory, Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened on Thursday to send weapons to North Korea.

Putin confirmed that he “does not rule out” the possibility of sending weapons to North Korea, emphasizing that South Korea sending weapons to Ukraine would be a “big mistake.”

Multiple Threats

Earlier in June, the Russian president had threatened to send weapons to other countries in response to Western actions.

During a press visit to Vietnam, Putin stated, “We reserve the right to send weapons to other regions in the world, taking into account our agreements with North Korea, and I do not rule out this possibility.”

Putin also warned South Korea against supplying weapons to Ukraine after Seoul announced it would “review” its policy preventing it from doing so, following a defense agreement signed on Wednesday between Russia and North Korea.

He added, “Delivering lethal weapons to the war zone in Ukraine would be a big mistake. I hope it does not happen. If it does, we will have to make an appropriate decision that South Korean officials will likely not like.”

He assured that Seoul “should not worry” about this agreement between Pyongyang and Moscow, as it can only be implemented “if one of the signatories is attacked,” and “there is no justification to fear our cooperation in this field.”

The Russian president also emphasized that “his country has not requested direct military participation from North Korea in the Ukrainian conflict, and we will not ask that from anyone, nor has anyone proposed this to us.”

He criticized the expansion of NATO in Asia, stating that “a system of blocs is forming” on the mentioned continent.

He explained that “NATO is establishing a permanent presence in the continent, which undoubtedly poses a threat to all countries in the region, including Russia. We are forced to respond and we will do so.”

Washington “Very Concerned”

Immediately after the announcement, the United States considered Putin‘s non-exclusion of sending weapons to North Korea “very concerning,” noting that it threatens to “destabilize the Korean Peninsula.”

US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller told reporters, “It is very concerning, potentially destabilizing the Korean Peninsula.”

He added, “Depending on the type of weapons (that Moscow might send to Pyongyang), it could violate UN Security Council resolutions that Russia itself has endorsed.”

When asked about sending weapons to Ukraine, Miller said, “It is up to each country to decide whether to provide weapons to Ukraine,” praising this step.

The United States and Kyiv’s allies accuse Pyongyang of supplying the Russian army with munitions and missiles used in its war in Ukraine.

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