What Do You Know About the Mastermind Behind Suspicious Activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in Brazil?

Journalist and media personality Dalia Abdel Rahim stated that leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and its institutions have infiltrated Brazil, seeking to control various aspects of Brazilian society and engaging in suspicious economic activities such as drug trafficking, human trafficking, and money laundering to obtain the necessary funding for their activities.

Abdel Rahim, speaking on a talk show on Cairo News channel, mentioned that the Brazilian member of the Muslim Brotherhood, of Mozambican origin, Abdullah Bonmadi, is considered the mastermind behind the suspicious economic activities of the group’s institutions. A Brazilian judicial order was issued for his arrest on November 14, 2020, along with others, for their involvement in transporting around 700 kilograms of cocaine to the port of Santos for smuggling to Germany.

She explained that Bonmadi’s arrest by the Brazilian federal police opened the door to uncovering the secrets of drug trafficking and money laundering gangs used to finance the Brotherhood. This was done through a company he established himself in 2013 called Foodbank.Af Comercio de Alimentos Ltda, based in the city of Videira in southern Brazil, to cover his illegal activities.

The Egyptian media personality noted that the Muslim Brotherhood relied on exploiting the social and economic conditions in Brazil, which provided a fertile environment suitable for the presence, infiltration, and spread of the group.

She added that in the early 1980s, the Islamic group emerged in Brazil, and seven years later, the Islamic Call Center in Latin America was established in Brazil under the leadership of Ahmed Ali Al-Saifi. Al-Saifi tasked his assistant, Ahmed Al-Khatib, with providing a safe haven for fugitive Middle Eastern Brotherhood members and marrying them to Brazilian women to obtain Brazilian citizenship.

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