What Would Have Happened If the Muslim Brotherhood Continued to Rule in Egypt? Researcher Answers

Dr. Hisham Alnjjar, a researcher in terrorist group affairs in Cairo, stated that the history of the Muslim Brotherhood, both old and new, is based on acts of violence and assassinations. This has been their sole weapon throughout their long history to achieve their goals. He pointed out that the Muslim Brotherhood is a group skilled in bloody assassinations, promoting violence and hatred. This has become more evident over the past ten years, especially after the June 30, 2013 revolution, during which they adopted all forms of violence to return to the political scene in Egypt.

Alnjjar stated in a press release to “Akhbar” that dozens of terrorist organizations have emerged from the womb of the Muslim Brotherhood, such as ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Tawhid and Jihad, Wilayat Libya, Al-Nusra Front in Syria, Al-Shabaab in Somalia, Boko Haram in Nigeria, and other extremist terrorist organizations. He emphasized that if the Muslim Brotherhood had remained in power in Egypt, it would have been catastrophic for several reasons, including opening the door to all extremist elements, the collapse of the Egyptian state, the spread of chaos and destruction, the dismantling of national and Arab unity, and pushing the country into civil war.

Alnjjar added that the Muslim Brotherhood sought by all means to establish a caliphate state and execute foreign agendas. He stressed that the group is currently going through one of its worst times, from divisions, schisms, and fragmentation, to increasing pressure on it worldwide due to its mysterious political behavior. This comes amid accusations by Western countries of terrorism, support, and sponsorship.

The researcher continued: The Muslim Brotherhood infiltrated Egyptian society over the past decades through charitable work, such as building mosques, clinics, event halls, distributing money and gifts to families, with the aim of approaching all segments of the people. They organized camps and trips for the youth and intervened with student families in universities and institutes, resulting in the creation of young cadres affiliated with them. After reaching power in Egypt, which was their main goal, their true face emerged based on hatred and hypocrisy.

Alnjjar concluded by saying: The organization of the Muslim Brotherhood is based on a structure of lying, deceiving, distorting facts, opportunism, and exploitation, even if it is built on rivers of blood.

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