Who is the Turkish movement of Grey Wolves? What is its relationship with Erdogan?


French Interior Minister, Gerald Darmanin,
declared that the French government will take the decision to dissolve the Gray Wolves movement
Who are the Grey Wolves?
What associate them with the Islamists?
How are dangerous for the security of the European countries where they live?
It is a Turkish far-right organization created in the late 1960s
it has adopted since its creation tendencies against the Kurds, the Armenians
the Greeks, the Alaouites and the Christians
it opposes to any political settlement with the Kurds
The organization of the grey wolves is linked to the nationalist movement in Turkey,
that is the political ally of the ruling Justice and Development party
Its members recently made pro-Turkey protests
after Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict
in response to Armenian demonstrations in Europe
media and some political personalities in Europe
have reported the work of a number of members of the organization in favor of Turkish intelligence,
because they have been used in conflicts against the PKK
which made the organization approvable for successive Turkish governments
The most recent actions carried by the group
are the disputes that arose between the Turkish and Armenian communities in Decin
In the 1990s, the movement focused its operations on the Turks,
it participated in fighting against the BBK organization in Turkey,
because it believed in the ethnic superiority of the Turks
and wanted to restore their reputations and history
and to unify the Turkish peoples in one country

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