Will Qatar play the role of mediator between America and Iran after Biden’s victory?

Iranian media reported certain news
about a meeting that held between Qatari and Iranian foreign ministers
to discuss the possibility of Doha to mediate between Iran and America
for ending the US sanctions against Iran
after the victory of the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, of the presidency of the United States
Qatar seeks to relief the American position towards the Iranian regime,
particularly after that Washington imposed strong sanctions against Tehran
during the administration of the former president Donald trump
Since the decision of the four Arab countries, which appeal to fight the terrorism, to stop ties with Qatar,
the Al Hamdeen organization has concluded deals with the regime of Welayat al-faqih
without considering the regional security and the security of the Gulf
Suspicious ties between the two countries have also developed
for backing pro-Iranian militias in Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon.

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