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Yemen: Grundberg calls for a continuous ceasefire

The UN ‏envoy to Yemen, Hans Grundberg, called on Thursday for an ongoing ceasefire in Yemen, expressing regret that the truce was not renewed.

“On October 2, the day that the second extension of the truce ended, unfortunately the parties did not reach an agreement on the extension and extension of the truce, which has created new uncertainty for the country and increased the risk of war,” Grundberg said during a briefing to the Security Council on Yemen.

Grundberg revealed his expanded proposal, which includes seven main points, including “the continuation of the cessation of all offensive operations and the strengthening of the Military Coordination Committee as an effective de-escalation committee”.

It also provides for “a transparent and effective disbursement mechanism to pay civil servants’ salaries and pensions on a regular basis, the phased opening of roads in Taiz and other governorates, and an increase in the number of flights and destinations to and from Sanaa International Airport”.

It also includes “the regular and unimpeded flow of fuel to Hodeidah ports, a commitment to the speedy release of detainees, the construction of structures to begin negotiations on economic issues, a permanent ceasefire, and, most importantly, the resumption of an inclusive Yemeni-led political process to work towards a comprehensive solution to the conflict.”

“Six and a half months ago, on April 2, the national truce in Yemen came into effect and over the past six and a half months the truce began to alleviate the suffering of Yemeni men and women,” the UN envoy said.

After nearly eight years of conflict, there was a truly historic opportunity to build confidence and work towards a peaceful settlement of the conflict.

“He welcomed the Yemeni government’s restraint since the truce ended on 2 October, fortunately there has been no major military escalation and only intermittent artillery and small arms exchanges have been reported on the fronts in Taiz, Marib, Hodeidah and Dhale.”

“After nearly eight years of conflict, there is a truly historic opportunity to build confidence and work towards a peaceful settlement of the conflict,” he said, stressing that he will continue to work with both sides to find solutions and urging the Yemeni parties to be flexible to reach an extended and expanded agreement.

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