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Yemeni Brotherhood: Continuous Violations for Personal Interests at the Expense of Civilians

The Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood continues to commit violations

Yemen continues to suffer from ongoing crises for over 10 years, caused by terrorist militias, with the Houthis and the Brotherhood at the forefront. These militias wreak havoc in the country, destroying the interests of the Yemeni people.

Despite the alliance between the Houthis and the terrorist Brotherhood, the latter dreams of further dividing the Yemeni people, represented in the legitimate government and the Houthi terrorist militia supported by Iran to serve their personal interests.

The terrorist Brotherhood aims to dismantle the social structure of the country, targeting the social fabric to maintain their influence. Yemeni society has historically been cohesive, hindering the spread of the Brotherhood’s ideology, which relies on absolute loyalty to the organization and its ideas conflicting with social values that reject extremism and segregating society based on religion. Over the years, the Brotherhood has sought to expand its organizational base by creating divisions in the social fabric, resulting in polarization and the emergence of organizational gangs at the family and village levels.

Brotherhood’s Power Struggle

Internal conflicts within the Brotherhood have surfaced, as seen recently in Marib. This indicates that the leadership of these groups lacks a unified vision and does not have a clear political project. Instead, they are searching for ground after losing many areas in Yemen. Their political and military forces, which they relied upon and marketed as alternatives to the post-Ali Abdullah Saleh era, collapsed when Sana’a fell into the hands of the Houthi militia, forcing them to flee outside Yemen and depriving them of the ground they used against the south.

Realization of their Loss of Power

The Yemeni Brotherhood, represented by the Islah party, has realized that the gap between their dream of controlling the south and allying with the Houthis has been broken by the determination of the southern people and the active presence of the Southern Transitional Council. Despite the events and conspiracies imposed on the Arab south and the money spent, they failed to tighten their grip on the political scene in the south.

Therefore, the Brotherhood seeks to exploit this division to spread their rejectionist ideas and hinder acceptance and coexistence with others. They fuel these divisions by inciting conflicts among social components, as seen recently when they fabricated a tribal statement to fuel conflict between the Sabiha and Yafi tribes, as well as sowing tribal components, as recently happened in Shabwa.

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