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Yemeni Brotherhood incites internationally against the Southern Transitional Council… What’s the story? 

In recent times, there has been an unprecedented confusion within the Reform Party, the Muslim Brotherhood‘s arm in Yemen. This confusion stems from its exclusion from the legitimate government and its loss of many areas it once militarily dominated.

Yesterday, the Brotherhood Party signed agreements with the terrorist Houthi militias, announcing that it has agreed to be part of the upcoming government. Today, they are attempting to incite the international community, especially the United States, against the Southern Transitional Council.

According to media sources, the Yemeni Reform Party has asked the American ambassador to steer U.S. policy to limit the military capabilities of the southern forces and work to undermine their independence.

Media outlets speaking on behalf of the Reform Party revealed that the party’s delegation, led by the parliamentary bloc’s head, Deputy Abdul Razzaq Al-Hajri, requested during their meeting with the U.S. Ambassador two days ago what they called “integrating military formations in the legitimate areas under the leadership of the Defense and Interior Ministries.” This is a clear reference to the southern forces present on the ground in the south and liberated areas.

According to the same sources, the Reform Party claimed the necessity of disarming the Houthi rebels and achieving a political solution in accordance with the (3) references.

The Reform Party called on the international community, led by the United States, to play its role in pressuring the Houthi group to incline towards peace, despite all its practices confirming that it is “militias that do not believe in peace and are working to implement Iran’s schemes in the region,” without addressing the political and military agreements the Brotherhood Party has signed with the Iranian-backed coup militias.

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