1.5-Meter Lizard Roams Florida Streets

A lizard measuring one and a half meters was spotted in “North Port,” Florida, crossing a busy road in a “shocking” video that has widely spread online.

The “Miami Herald” reported that the lizard is an “Asian water monitor,” which typically ranges in length from 1.20 meters to 1.82 meters but can sometimes grow to about 3 meters.

The large lizard walked along Hillsborough Street, and a woman present at the scene shared videos and photos of the giant lizard, which were shared thousands of times.

The shocked woman said she reported the lizard and its location to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission so they could return it to its natural habitat, especially as it repeatedly tried to cross the road, nearly causing accidents with passing cars.

The Asian water monitor is native to Southeast Asia and is widespread in the northeastern coastal regions of India to Indochina, the Malay Peninsula, and the Indonesian islands, where it lives near water.

This animal is dangerous because it has sharp teeth that can cause bleeding to animals and humans.

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