3 Killed: Young Man Pours Gasoline and Sets Fire to Relatives in Egypt

The area of Ain Shams in the eastern part of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, witnessed a horrifying crime where a young man killed members of his own family by setting them on fire after pouring gasoline on them. This resulted in the deaths of 3 individuals and the injury of 11 others. It was later revealed that the motive behind the crime was a dispute over inheritance.

Beginning of the Story:

A report was filed at the Ain Shams police station indicating that a person had set fire to an apartment belonging to his relatives in the residential area. There were casualties and injuries, and the fire spread to neighboring apartments. Security agencies arrived, and the civil defense personnel managed to extinguish the fire. The injured were transported to the hospital for treatment, while the deceased were taken to the morgue. Perpetrator’s Confession and Crime Reasons

An anonymous security source told “Sky News Arabic” that the perpetrator had been apprehended and provided detailed confessions about the reasons and methods of committing the crime.

The accused is a young man named Hani in his thirties, working as a driver. He stated that he and his two sisters had inherited the apartment from their father, which is where the crime occurred. One of his sisters offered to buy the apartment and lived in it with her husband and children. According to the perpetrator’s confession, his sister who bought the apartment delayed paying him the remaining amount, claiming financial difficulties. Later, he saw pictures on her Facebook showing her and her husband and children spending their summer vacation in a coastal city. According to the security source, the accused became furious and went to his sister to confront her about not paying his money when he “desperately needed it.” At the same time, she was heading to the vacation spot. He felt deceived by her, and an argument ensued between them. Her husband and son intervened, ejected him from the apartment, and refused to pay his money. When the other sister of the accused learned about what had happened, she and her husband and children attended a family gathering in an attempt to reconcile, but to no avail. The accused then left and returned, surprising everyone by pouring gasoline at all the exits of the apartment and on his family members, igniting the fire. He trapped them inside, closed the door, and left. The Fire Engulfs the Apartment

Meanwhile, his two sisters attempted to seek help from passersby on the street. As the fire intensified, the husband and the other sister of his second sister jumped from the third floor. The child died, and the husband sustained fractures. The husband and son of the sister with whom he had a disagreement over inheritance inside the apartment died due to the fire. His two sisters suffered severe burns. The fire spread to neighboring apartments, causing burns and suffocation to a number of neighbors. All were transported to the hospital, including critical cases, according to the security source. The Public Prosecution initiated an investigation into the crime and ordered the detention of the accused for 4 days pending the case.

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