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5 Houthis killed in clashes with Dahm tribe in Al Jawf province

5 members of the Houthi militias were killed in clashes with tribal elements in the areas controlled by militias in the governorate of Al-Jawf in eastern Yemen.

Clashes between the militias and the “Dahm” tribes escalated after a militia attack on a crowd in al-Mutammah district, west of al-Jawf, of members of the Al Fatima tribe, one of the Dahm tribes, protested the arrest of a tribal sheik.

Tribal sources said that the Al Fatima and Dahm tribesmen in general had closed the entrances of Al Jawf province to the movement of Al Houthi militias, triggering violent confrontations between the two sides.

The sources indicated that Sheik Saeed al-Ahfal, a member of the Fatima tribe, was killed in the confrontations while trying to close one of the province’s outlets and prevent the Houthis from entering.

The sources confirmed that the clashes are taking place on the road of Harf Sufyan al-Jawf, and that the tribes have refused local mediation by militias to the Duham tribe to stop the confrontations that extended from the al-Mutammah district to al-Matoun district.

Al-Jawf was the scene of violent clashes between the Houthis and tribes in the province last year and early this year. More than 50 Houthis were killed in repeated clashes with tribal elements.

“Al-Jawf tribes reject Houthi militia abuses at checkpoints, which have become a target for tribal militants who have risen up against security restrictions on their movements.”

Houthis militias took control of Al-Hazm, the capital of Al-Jawf province, in March last year, after 5 years of war and violent confrontations with the Yemeni army.

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