Angry Libyans provoke Turkey with this act

Angry Libyans put a Turkish flag under their wheels and stamped it on foot, denouncing its practices in the country, in an incident that angered Ankara, which described it as an “ugly act”?

An eloquent political message from young Libyans who are fed up with Turkey’s presence in their country politically and militarily, and fed up with what they describe as a “Turkish occupation” and Ankara’s blocking of a reliable political path to bring the country out of its ordeal.

The time and place chosen by opponents of Turkey’s nose in Libya was of profound political significance; The flag was placed in front of the House of Representatives in Tobruk, during a session to discuss the general budget, on Monday, as Ankara loyalists blocked passage of the budget bill.

A symbolic step that broke the pride of the ruling regime in Turkey and provoked its ire, the Foreign Ministry issued an angry statement on Tuesday, condemning “the ugly act” and “the heinous aggression” against “the holy world.”

The Turkish Foreign Ministry’s statement revealed steps taken by the Ankara Embassy in Tripoli to address its Libyan counterpart, and rely on a response from the Libyan people themselves; in a hope that may not be achieved with the popular rejection of Turkey and its loyalists.

On social media, Libyans expressed strong support for the symbolic move, posting comments on photos and videos documenting the incident in condemnation of Turkey’s role in the country.

Anas Al Obaidi commented: “.. They are traitorous agents.. the Muslim Brotherhood and their militias. and everyone who is like them.. I wish this could happen again in all fields. We are already at war with them.. Let everyone know that Turkey is not welcome in Libya, not now, not in the future.”

Regarding the response to the Turkish Foreign Ministry’s move, Al-Obeidi said: “There will be no response.. How would they respond? Burn Libya’s flag.”

Some activists have called for the campaign to “burn the Turkish flag”. Abdo Al-Libi wrote : “In the morning, I will burn their flag and publish the picture.” “After the indignation and protest of the Turkish Foreign Ministry on stepping on the Turkish flag in Tobruk.. Expect to step on the Turkish flag in every free Libyan city, occupy our land, kill our children, plunder our goods and repent, do not trample on your knowledge.”

Another activist supported the protest action against Turkey by saying: “The honorable people of the city of Tubruq, Al-Mujahida, put the Turkish flag in its right place, and force the flag of the government of national unity to pass over it, foremost among which is the head of the government, Abdel Hamid Dbeibah.”

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