7 signs to predict a migraine attack

Sabine Debremaeker, president of the association “The Voice of Migraineurs” and herself a migraine sufferer for over 50 years explains: “It is very important to know the difference between a headache and a migraine.. The headache spreads throughout the head while migraine is on one side in 95% of cases”. In addition, the headache is temporary unlike the migraine which lasts a long time, “between 4h and 72h”, says the president ofThe voice of migraine sufferers.

“It can be hard to tell them apart. Sometimes migraine sufferers are prone to headaches and it is then difficult to know what we are dealing with. This makes treatment difficult”, she explains. Indeed, there are solutions to calm the pain of a migraine attack.

Migraine: how to calm an attack of pain?

As Sabine Debremaeker explains, it is possible to calm an attack of pain before it starts with a few tips. She cites in particular the fact of eat a snack, get some fresh air, or have something to drink : “depending on the person, it can for example be a coke”.

When you feel the attack coming, there are also treatments to calm it down. These should be taken not only to soothe the pain, but also to prevent crises from becoming too frequent. However, it should not be taken at any time, it is necessary to identify the moment when the crisis arrives to ingest it.

“It is important not to do not take the treatment too early or too late”, explains Sabine Debremaeker. In effect, taking the medicine before the attack is harmful. That will increase the frequency of migraines. However, taking the treatment too late, when the crisis is already declared, will have no impact on pain and will render the use of the drug useless.

It is therefore necessary to know detect the warning signs of a migraine in order to take it at the right time and avoid the crisis. For this, the director of the association shares the seven warning signs of an impending migraine attack.

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