7 ways to reduce the damage caused by fatty and oily meals


If you like fatty meals
Here are 7 ways to reduce its harmful effects
1-Eat lukewarm water
that helps to decompose nutrients in their digestible form
calm and revitalize the digestive system
2- Do not go to sleep just after eating
It’s best to wait 2-3 hours between dinner and sleep time
because sleeping just after eating makes food difficult to digest
which causing the bloating and increased precipitation of fat
3-Walk for 30 minutes after eating an oily meal
It helps improve digestion and stimulates better stomach action
4- Plan your next meal
Planning your next meal helps you avoid eating unwanted and oily foods
5-Take probiotics
Regular consumption of probiotics contributes to achieve balance and digestive health
6- Consumption of fruits and vegetables
It helps provide your body with enough vitamins, minerals and fiber
Finally, avoid eating cold foods
because eating cold foods after fatty foods makes digestion more difficult
which leads to swelling and indigestion
Are you a fan of fatty meals?

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