Report Al Qaeda leader lives in Turkey under Erdogan’s protection

A Swedish website revealed that the Al Qaeda leader lives in Turkey under the protection of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
and that Ankara hide the investigations that were performed with him
and helped him to move to the Syrian Idleb province
to continue giving speeches in support of Erdogan
in an area under the control of the Turkish army
The website also related that Musa Olgac, also known as Abu Soumaya,
is a Salafi cleric who worked in different countries
and his name was on the lists of the Turkish prosecutor in Istanbul,
who carried out an investigation into the Al-Qaeda networks in Turkey in 2011,
where he was in Pakistan and fought there with al-Qaeda
The report indicated that the Turkish police had obtained a note from the prosecution
to listen to Abu Jaafar’s wife and identify the other cell members
The recording of the phone calls of March 17, 2012
revealed that Abu Jaafar was using his Pakistani phone to contact militants in Turkey
to facilitate their travel outside to carry out terrorist acts.
he is trying to transport his wife and his girl in Pakistan to join him
In 2007, Egyptian law enforcement authorities
attacked Abu Jaafar’s house in Cairo
and he in prison for three and a half months
before giving him to Turkey,
In February 2011, Abu Jaafar moved to Pakistan
and succeeded to escape from a police attack

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