A tragic end for an egyptian youth in Italy 

A young Egyptian man met a tragic death in the Italian city of Milan when a crane fell on him at his workplace.

Italian authorities received a report of a crane falling from the tenth floor onto an Egyptian worker in Via Paravisi in the Central area of Milan.

Upon arriving at the scene, it was confirmed that the Egyptian worker had died, and there were difficulties in retrieving his body from under the crane and the debris it caused. Civil rescue forces were called to the site.

In the end, the civil defense forces managed to retrieve the body of the young Egyptian worker, Mohamed Ali Fathi, but with difficulty. It was revealed that the worker, Mohamed Ali Fathi, was a young Egyptian man, 28 years old.

Fathi’s hometown is in the Egyptian province of Fayoum, but he had been residing in the city of Milan for the past two years. Italian authorities have initiated an investigation into the incident to determine its circumstances and details.

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