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After hesitation from travelers, Qatar Airways reduced business class tariffs

Qatar Airways officials are concerned since many were hesitant to use Qatar Airways during their travels after 13 Australian passengers’ forced exam. The company was forced to significantly reduce the price of business tickets to attract customers in any way.

New plan

On Monday, Qatar Airways declared a reduction in premium business class tariffs; however it did not provide any details regarding the new offer. Sources have confirmed that passengers who purchase an R-class ticket will still travel in business class but will not benefit from lounge access and seat selection. Executive Traveler reported that Qatar sent an email to reservation agents on Monday, declaring a new business class passenger option.                                                                                                               

This option will allow passengers to get a seat in the compartment’s premium section at a lower price while they would not have been able to enter the lounge or be able to choose their seats before check-in.

Qatar failure

Qatar Airways’s decision is determined after the hesitancy of many people to use the company while they are traveling abroad.

Observers confirmed that Qatar has expressed an official apology to Australia and Britain and said that it had taken all those responsible for the act to the prosecution. However, it did not take any steps to protect passengers from any similar action, and didn’t publish any preliminary results of the investigations that it claimed to have carried out.

Australian women blocked abroad boycotted Qatar Airways after the incident, according to the Australian newspaper “Huffington.” The women said that they either canceled or postponed their flights because of what Amnesty International called a severe human rights violation.

Qatar Airways is facing a consumer boycott after an accident at Doha airport, where more than a dozen passengers were “illegally” examined during a break earlier this month.

Many Australians who are blocked outside declared that they have either canceled their reservations with Qatar Airways, or reserved another airline, or not to fly with Qatar’s national airline in the future. This action is like solidarity with women who, according to Amnesty International, have suffered human rights violations.

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