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Saudi Arabia’s Council of Senior Scholars considered the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization

On Tuesday, the Saudi Press Agency quoted Saudi Arabia’s Council of Senior Scholars what it said that the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization and does not represent Islam.

The council evoked: The Muslim Brothers’ Group is a terrorist group and [does not] represent the method of Islam, rather it blindly follows its partisan objectives that are running contrary to the guidance of our graceful religion, while taking religion as a mask to disguise its purposes in order to practice the opposite such as sedition, wreaking havoc, committing violence and terrorism.

In 2014, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates officially appointed the group as a terrorist organization to keep sedition at bay. After that, Bahrain and Egypt were done the same thing. Indeed, the countries have appealed the people to stay away from the organization and to not sympathize with its activities.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s mission is calling for rebellion against the rulers, wreaking havoc in the states, [and] destabilizing co-existence in the country, according to the council. SPA also cited the council as saying that the goal of the group is only to grab the reins of power rather than show any care of Islamic creed.

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