After the allegations of his Minister of Information, the Sheikh of the Haber tribe, made a statement revealing the role of the UAE in Somalia

Despite the UAE’s efforts to resolve the conflict between the Somali interim government and the opposition over the postponement of the elections, the false allegations made by the Minister of Farmajo, the Sheikh of the Haber tribe, were quick to apologize and to rent the UAE.

The movements of the Sheikh of the Haber tribe, they apologized to the Emirates for having won their affection, following the false statements of Minister Farmajo.

Emirates decides to resolve the crisis

In light of the UAE’s appeal to the interim government and all parties to “show the highest level of restraint, to realize Somalia’s aspirations to build a secure and stable future that is suitable for all”, due to the deteriorating situation in Somalia’s capital, Mogadiscio, due to” the use of violence and excessive use of force against civilians “.

The Somali Minister’s allegations

Somali Information Minister Othman Abu Bakr of Dubai attacked the UAE, accusing it of interfering in Somalia’s internal affairs and violating international law, diplomatic norms and fraternal relations between the two countries, which have long relied on mutual respect and cooperation, in a miserable attempt to emerge from the crisis with false allegations and lies.

Apologies from a sheikh of a Somali tribe

But a sheikh of his tribe, Haber Gaalu, was quick to apologize to the Emirates after the Somali Minister of Information said : I apologize to anyone who offended him, including countries, institutions or individuals, who have offended his statements in which he claims to represent this government and this president, who still illegally clings to the presidency, has insulted neighboring countries like Djibouti, Kenya and finally the brother country of the United Arab Emirates, a country to which we are linked, historical relations, in particular the United Arab Emirates, which has never ceased to support the Somalis.

The tribal sheikh added : ”This man does not know the extent of the harm he has inflicted on his countrymen with this speech which is delivered to please its president, but he is hurting Somalia and the Somali people who country and distort the historical relationship between us and them”.

He continued; ”We call on our brothers and friends from all countries who touch the language of this award, and we tell them that only he and his companions, who no longer have any authority or legitimacy to rule the country, are represented by these statements”.

He concluded his speech by saying : ”I advise this disobedient son to come to his senses, to withdraw from these positions, to ask forgiveness from Somaland and come back to it, to distance himself from imminent dangers and to be surrounded of him because of these attitudes”.

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