The leader of the Haber tribe, madeo, responds to the Somali Information Minister’s statements and offers his apology to the UAE

The statements of the Somali Minister of Information, Othman Abu Bakr, about the UAE were met with angry reactions from the elders and elders of Somali tribes who described the Minister of Information’s statements as lies about Abu Dhabi’s interference in Somali affairs.

The Somali Minister of Information, Othman Abu Bakr Dubai, claimed the UAE’s interference in the internal affairs of Somalia through some heads of federal states who traveled to the Emirates after signing an agreement on September 17th to organize elections in the country, and refused to implement what was agreed upon, according to the Somali Minister of Information.

And in the first Somali response to the information minister’s statements, the sheikh of the Haber Gaalu tribe, to which the Minister of Information belongs, offered his apology to the UAE against the background of the Minister of Information’s allegations.

A sheikh from his tribe, Haber Gaalu, asserted that the Minister of Information’s statements do not represent the state of Somalia that loves the UAE, as it only represents his person.

A sheikh of his tribe, Haber Gaalu, apologized to the Emirates after the Somali Information Minister’s statement, saying : Today we heard the statement made by the Somali Minister of Information, Othman, Abkar Dibeh, within the Somali caretaker government, whose mandate ended with the end of President Farmajo’s term. This man is a member of our tribe and is governed by tribal laws and customs. And since I am a ruler of this tribe and traditions and customs apply to him, I would like to express the following :

I apologize to everyone who offended him, including countries, institutions or individuals, for he offended his statements in which he claims to represent this government and this president, who is still clinging to the chair illegally, insulted neighboring countries such as Djibouti, Kenya and finally the sister country of the United Arab Emirates, which are countries with whom we have relations. Historic, and I especially mention the UAE, which has never stopped supporting the Somalis.

He added : This man does not know the extent of the damage he has caused to his fellow countrymen with this speech which is issued to please his president, but he offends Somalia and the Somali people present in these countries and distorts the historical relations between us and them.

He said : We call on our brothers and friends in all countries affected by this reward, and we tell them that with these statements only himself and his companions, who no longer have any authority or legitimacy to lead the country, represent.

At the end of his statement, he said, “I give my advice to this disobedient son to return to his senses, to withdraw from these positions, and to ask for forgiveness from Somaliland and to return to it to distance himself from imminent dangers and surrounded by him because of these attitudes).

In a statement, the UAE expressed its grave concern about the deteriorating situation in Mogadiscio as a result of resorting to violence and the use of excessive force against civilians, calling on the interim government and all parties to exercise restraint in order to achieve Somalia’s aspirations to build a secure, stable future that accommodates all.

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