After the withdrawal of Hussein’s nationality… Will Turkey hand over members and leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood to Egypt? 

Despite Turkey’s political and economic interests in developing its relations with the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood dossier remains the focus of Cairo’s attention, especially with thousands of fleeing leaders and members of the group present on its territory.

Despite Ankara’s closure of many media outlets affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, the expulsion of some of their journalists, restrictions, and security pursuit against them, as well as the opening of the file of nationalities granted to them, the question remains whether Turkey will deliver to Egypt members and leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood who have been sentenced to heavy penalties for terrorism-related charges.

Turkish journalist specializing in Turkish policies in the Middle East, Ali Kamal Ardıç, responded to the question by stating: “Egypt is obviously seeking to contain the group’s influence on its internal security and stability.”

Ardıç ruled out, in a statement to Al-Mashhad channel, “Ankara handing over all wanted members of the Muslim Brotherhood to Cairo”, but he added that “by increasing pressure on them, it will push them to leave the country”, noting that such organizations lose more and more power and ability to influence as they move away from their home country or their base.

Ardıç also added that “Ankara could hand over individuals involved in unlawful acts or crimes to Egypt”, which it has done before, but in individual cases, away from the leaders or journalists of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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