Al-Burhan in Kordofan: Messages about the transfer of power and putschists

Although he renewed a pledge for a satisfactory transfer of power in Sudan, the chairman of the National Council of Sovereignty held “politicians responsible for the coups, not the army.”

“political messages carried by General Abdul Fattah al-Burhan during a tribal ceremony on Tuesday in Kordofan, the second such statement in less than two days.”

“We support stability and the unity of the country and tribal conflicts must stop.. Politicians should listen to each other if they want a better future for the country.”

Renewing his earlier pledge of peaceful transition, al-Burhan added, “We are entering a new phase and a satisfactory transition will occur for all.”

“The politicians are responsible for coups, not the military,” he said, stressing that the political process must be inclusive.

He resolved the position of the Sovereign Council of the Sudan on the transition of power, stressing that stability would be achieved before the holding of elections, and that politicians should accept others.

He reiterated the need to stop the ongoing tribal conflicts in some areas, explaining that Sudan suffers from the proliferation of weapons that threaten its stability and security.

The spokesperson for the political process in Sudan announced the agreement to sign the final political agreement on April 1st.

Khaled Omar Yusuf, a Sudanese spokesman, said the parties agreed to declare a transitional constitution on April 6th.

“On March 15, the military and civil powers that had signed the framework agreement agreed on a political mechanism to draft the final agreement.”

The Tripartite Mechanism, composed of UNAMSIL, the African Union and the East African Development Organization (IGAD), facilitates the political process between military and civilian forces, with the support of the Quartet, which includes the United States, Britain, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

“Sudan’s military and civilian components signed a framework agreement on December 5, which charts a path toward resolving the political crisis of 2021, when the military made extraordinary decisions to dismiss Abdullah Hamdok’s civilian government and the subsequent 17-month-long near-weekly demonstrations.”

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