Al-Ula Agreement Violations – Qatar’s electronic flies are leading a campaign of abuse against the United Arab Emirates

The Final Statement of the 41st Gulf Summit, “The Sultan Qaboos and Sheikh Sabah Summit”, held in the Saudi city of Al-Ula, affirmed the noble objectives of the Cooperation Council, as stipulated in the Statute, to achieve cooperation, cohesion and integration among the GCC States in all fields, in order to achieve their unity, strengthen their regional and international role, and work as a single economic and political group to contribute to the achievement of security, peace, stability and prosperity in the region.

The citizens of the States of the region expressed the hope that the Declaration of Al-Ula, which was reached at this summit, would restore joint action to its natural course, strengthen the bonds of friendship and brotherhood between the peoples of the region and commit to stop the harm and interference in neighboring countries.

The agreement did not last long, so Qatar started to veto it and violate its outputs. It returned to spread chaos, sowing strife and conflicts in Arab countries, and to target its neighbors, especially the United Arab Emirates, through its media trumpets, most notably Al-Jazeera, as well as the Muslim Brotherhood and the terrorist groups that support it, as well as its electronic flies that are spread everywhere.

Qatari media horns led fierce campaigns against the United Arab Emirates, especially with regard to Yemen. A few weeks ago, Al-Jazeera aired a new episode of al-Motahari program entitled “Early Ambitions”, which included what it described as “special documents and pictures revealing Emirati plans and steps to intervene and control vital sectors in Socotra”. Claiming that Socotra is not under Yemeni sovereignty, it accused the UAE of illegally bringing in foreign tourists.

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The episode was broadcast at a particularly sensitive time, when Houthi militias seized three districts in Shabwah and Marib without a fight and Brotherhood-affiliated facilities in a “conspiracy”, observers say.

In a failed attempt to divert attention from Human Rights Watch’s report published a few days ago, entitled: “World Cup Violations Harm Migrant Workers’ Children and Families,” which accused Qatar of human rights violations, and spoke about the suffering of workers’ families in their countries after the trauma of losing their loved ones, and that they face an unknown future without a provider, especially children. Doha launched its electronic fly to abuse the UAE through tweets which insulted the state, including some:

This account, by the name of Muhammad bin Said, describes himself as an activist and political writer who is interested in economic and political affairs in the Sultanate of Oman. Strangely enough, most of his tweets about Yemen are directed specifically against the United Arab Emirates.

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Another account with a pseudonym: The General of the Gulf puts a picture of Hamad bin Jassem, the former Prime Minister of Qatar, and says that he is from the State of Kuwait. He also insults the Emirates in his tweets, and he also speaks in his account only about Yemen.

The common thread common to all these accounts, along with thousands of others, is that they are paid accounts that operate with clear agendas, which are targeting the United Arab Emirates. They do not express the views of their owners but rather the views and goals of their operators.

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