Al Zindani and the Turkish Sadat… Erdogan’s arms to ruin Yemen

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is benefiting of Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization to spread influence in Yemen
Among his tools; Abdul Majeed al-Zindani, the Yemeni Brother, who appears on international terrorism lists
According to the European Center against extremism
al-Zindani worked for Ankara and its projects in the region
within the Sadat society led by Adnan Tanriverdi
who is the former major general and former military adviser to Turkish President Erdogan
The company recently announced that it is offering a course on irregular fighting or guerrilla fighting
Sadat is described as the revolutionary invisible guard of the Erdogan regime and the party of the justice and development
Al-Zindani’s relationship with Sadat dates back to 2014
after the visit of two important envoys of the company, which trains mercenaries and irregular militants
with the direction of the former officer and adviser Tanrieverdi, alongside Najmuddin Kılıç, Ali Kurt and Arsan Ergur
According to internal company records consulted by the European Counterterrorism Center
it has been widely welcomed among branches and leaders of terrorist organizations around the world
and according to international reports, he worked as an assistant to al-Qaeda leader Oussama ben Laden
He has a role in recruiting Arab Afghans and transporting them to Afghanistan to fight there
via its important relations that link him to generations of terrorist organizations
this was clear in his activity with Turkish intelligence to attract and transfer them to Syria since 2012
and also its current role in mobilizing terrorists and guiding them in combat in Libya
Otherwise, Al-Zindani’s son worked in Turkey, as coordinator of terrorist and mercenary movements
to and from countries identified by Turkish intelligence to display its influence

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