All victims are children… Mysterious disease continues to claim lives in Ivory Coast

Two more children have died in a village in central Ivory Coast due to a mysterious illness, bringing the total number of victims to 9 children.

Approximately 60 other children have been transported to the hospital, according to a new report published by medical sources in Ivory Coast.

Toungbo Yao, a resident of the village of Nyangban, told the French Press Agency that “two other children have passed away,” and a source at the university hospital in the city of Bouaké, located about 30 kilometers from the village, confirmed this information. The source explained that among the individuals transported to the hospital since Sunday, 50 of them have returned to the village.

The source further stated, “Currently, all the samples are in the laboratory, and we have not received the results yet, so we do not know the cause of this deadly disease.”

Another source at the hospital noted that all the people who entered the hospital, in addition to the children who died in the village, consumed the same type of food, which is cornmeal porridge.

Many villagers believe that this porridge may be contaminated with bacteria.

In February, two individuals in the nearby village of Kobokahan Kro were sentenced to 5 years in prison due to the outbreak of Clostridium bacteria, which led to the deaths of 16 people according to official statistics and 21 people according to residents’ statements.

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