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America Reveals Iran’s Role in Houthi Terrorism… with Evidence

An American military official emphasized that Iranian support has been crucial for the Houthis in their attacks on merchant ships in the Red Sea.

The deputy commander of the US Central Command, Admiral Brad Cooper, explained that “elements of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard are present in Yemen, working hand in hand with the Houthis, providing them with advice and detailed information about targets,” according to him.

In an interview with “CBS News,” he stated that this Iranian support is not new but dates back several years, with Tehran providing supplies to the Houthi group for a long time.

He added, “They are replenishing while we are here at sea monitoring.” And he reiterated, saying, “We know that the Iranians are providing them with advice and information, that’s quite clear.”

Many questions have recently arisen about the role of the Iranian ship Behshad in providing intelligence information to the Houthis to attack ships at sea, before retreating towards Djibouti.

Furthermore, the US Central Military Command announced the day before yesterday that on January 28, a US Coast Guard ship in the Arabian Sea seized a shipment of weapons bound for Houthi-controlled areas in Yemen from Iran.

The US Central Command (CENTCOM) wrote in a post on social media, commenting on the seizure of a weapons shipment to the Houthis, that the US Navy “seized advanced conventional weapons and other dangerous equipment of Iranian origin that were destined for Houthi-controlled areas in Yemen.”

According to CENTCOM, there were more than 200 packages, including missile parts, explosives, and other devices in this shipment. General Michael Eric Kurilla, head of US Central Command, said in the statement, “This is another example of Iran’s malign activities in the region.”

It is worth noting that since the outbreak of the war in Gaza on October 7 last year, the Houthis have attacked at least 45 ships with missiles and explosive drones.

US forces have also been directly attacked multiple times, with some attacks hitting their ships, as previously confirmed by the Pentagon.

These Houthi attacks have disrupted global maritime traffic and raised fears of global inflation. Several companies have been forced to suspend their crossings in the Red Sea and opt for longer and more costly routes around Africa.

In contrast, American and British fighter jets have carried out retaliatory strikes in various regions of Yemen.

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