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Between the Houthis and the Muslim Brotherhood… Playing Openly

Many statements issued by officials in the terrorist Houthi militias and the Muslim Brotherhood reflect the convergence between the two groups and their collaboration against the legitimate government and the Arab countries supporting it.

In this context, a prominent Houthi leader thanked the Islah Party – the Muslim Brotherhood branch in Yemen – for responding to their invitation to hold demonstrations in the provinces of Taiz and Marib.

Hussein Al-Azzi, the Houthi leader appointed as deputy foreign minister, said in a tweet yesterday that Islah Party leaders in Taiz and Marib responded to their invitation and organized massive demonstrations in support of Palestine. Al-Azzi emphasized that his group and the Islah Party have reconciled to some extent, expressing his wish to see demonstrations by the party in Aden.

Meanwhile, the parliamentary member of the Islah Party, Mohammed Al-Hazmi, hinted at a new rapprochement between the party and the Ansar Allah movement (Houthi group) and predicted an imminent agreement.

Al-Hazmi said in a post on his official social media page that he was contacted by the country’s leaders to support reconciliation, describing it as the right thing to do since Yemen cannot tolerate further fragmentation and dispersal.

Al-Hazmi, who declared his support for Houthi operations in the Red Sea, claiming to confront Zionist aggression in Gaza, previously met with prominent Muslim Brotherhood leader Abdulmajid Al-Zindani at his residence in Turkey.

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