An American-Israeli Company Manages Houthi Leaders’ Business… Details

The website (Al-Montasaf.net) revealed new evidence refuting the claims of the Houthi terrorist militias, known as “Iran’s agents,” about combating Israeli-linked ships, as well as American and British ships in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

Informed sources confirmed the existence of an American-Israeli company operating in Sanaa, managed by the nephew of Houthi leader Ahmed Hamed, who heads the office of the so-called Supreme Political Council of the group, Mahdi al-Mashat. Al-Mashat is one of the prominent leaders of the Iranian-backed group that controls Sanaa and all activities of Abdul-Malik al-Houthi in Yemen and abroad.

According to sources, through this company, the Houthi group managed its illicit business and financial operations, especially concerning the imposition of taxes, customs duties, financial levies on Yemenis, including traders and businessmen, and the execution of suspicious business operations and money laundering for the benefit of its leaders.

The American-Israeli company has been operating in the capital Sanaa since 2008, with its headquarters located on Algeria Street. It is a member of a global group specializing in providing corporate finance, restructuring, taxation and assurance, auditing, consultancy services, and legal accounting for companies, governments, and institutions.

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