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Yemeni analyst reveals major corruption in sectors of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Houthis

The ongoing corruption of the Muslim Brotherhood group in Yemen has extended to the healthcare sector in some liberated Yemeni provinces, which are suffering mostly due to resource shortages and the unavailability of medications.

Crisis exacerbation


Yemeni media reports have added that medical equipment entered Yemen under the name of the Health Office in Taiz in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Population, but these medical devices quickly found their way to one of the new private hospitals in the city, owned by one of the Muslim Brotherhood figures.


Reports confirmed that the former director of the health office had refused to release them from the health warehouses in the city of Nour, claiming they belonged to the state, but eventually relented before being ousted by handing them over to the Muslim Brotherhood investor Tarek Naiman.


Major corruption

Dr. Abd al-Hafiz Nahari, a Yemeni political analyst, says there are millions of dollars earned by war merchants of the “Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen” without accountability, in addition to the fact that the terrorist group exploits internal conditions to achieve its own goals at the expense of the needs of the Yemeni people. 

He added that corruption was not only in the healthcare sector but had also led to Yemen being denied the exploitation of its oil and gas economic resources and the benefit of revenues from liquefied natural gas exports, suspended since the start of the war in the country.


He continued: Massive corruption in Yemen’s gas revenues is being practiced by both the Muslim Brotherhood and the Houthis alike, as the economic suffering of the Yemeni people worsens.


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