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Analysts: Syria Represents a Strategic Depth for the Region and Receives Wide Arab Support

Analysts confirm that Syria represents a strategic depth for the region and receives extensive Arab support

Arab affirmations continue regarding the necessity of preserving Syrian territorial integrity. This is highlighted through the importance of dealing with the issue of foreign forces present on Syrian soil within the framework of international legitimacy. Furthermore, there is a strong emphasis on countering the phenomenon of “terrorism” in Syria, given the significant support these groups have received on Syrian territory. Protecting Syria’s territorial unity and creating suitable conditions for the return of Syrian refugees are also key goals.

Syrian Territorial Unity

Arab steps have been taken, beginning with Syria’s return to its seat in the Arab League, which contributes to maintaining Syria’s territorial unity. This move has positive implications for both the Syrian people and the Syrian state. The situation in Syria is of utmost importance, with Syria serving as a strategic depth for Egypt in the eastern aspect and carrying weight in the Arab stance. The return of Syria to its seat in the Arab League is a correction of its course, as it has faced numerous obstacles in recent times. It’s time to complete these steps with a strong emphasis on Syria’s territorial integrity.

Dr. Tarek Fahmy, a professor of political science, added that the challenging circumstances faced by the world and the Arab region call for stability in Syria, emphasizing the importance of non-interference in the affairs of other nations. He stressed that there are eight foreign armies on Syrian soil and that Syria’s return to the Arab fold is a glimmer of light amidst the darkness we are experiencing. It prevents any other Arab country from falling into a similar crisis.

Rejecting External Interference

Wadhah Bin Attiya, a Yemeni political analyst, stated that the unity of everyone in the Arab region is always and forever reaffirmed to prevent external interventions. He pointed out that any external interference in the affairs of Arab countries is a major crisis for Arab nations.

He added that as Yemeni people, they strongly support the territorial unity of Syria, as well as Yemen and all Arab nations. He reiterated their full support for preserving their territories from foreign interventions. They reject the presence of any terrorist elements supported by certain agendas seeking implementation in the current period.

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