Appearance of strange creature dating back to 470 million years in America

Photos released by the Oklahoma Wildlife Agency in the United States have documented a strange mysterious creature in a state lake, after being spotted by local residents.

Wildlife officials have warned local residents, saying that these creatures will be abundant this summer. The image of the strange creature, which looks like a cluster of large rings, strongly resembles horns.

These photos have raised concerns among residents, with some associating them with outer space. According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail,” officials reassured people by explaining that these animals, called “bryozoans,” have been around for hundreds of millions of years, with fossil records dating back up to 470 million years.

These animals feed on algae and bacteria present in the water.

“Bryozoans” only live in water with temperatures above 16 degrees Celsius, which is why more are expected to appear in the coming months as temperatures rise during the summer season.

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