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Arab Coalition executes 18 Anti-Houthi Operations in 24 Hours

The Saudi-led Arab coalition in Yemen announced that it carried out 18 attacks against Houthis in Marib and Hajjah within 24 hours.

In a statement, the coalition said the operations destroyed 13 military vehicles and caused casualties among the Houthi terrorist militia.

Earlier today, the Arab coalition announced the destruction of a Houthi-operated boat rigged with explosives in the southern Red Sea.

The Houthi military use of the port of Hodeida threatens freedom of navigation and international trade, the Arab coalition said in a statement.

The boat was launched from the Red Sea port of Hodeida, the coalition said.
Earlier, the Arab coalition announced airstrikes in response to the military threat and necessity to protect civilians in Sana’a.

The Saudi-led coalition said in a statement that the strikes destroyed a site containing operating rooms for controlling drones west of Sanaa.

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