Armenia Becomes Fifth Country to Recognize Palestine Since the Outbreak of the Gaza War

Israel summons the Armenian ambassador in protest, and the Palestinian Authority welcomes the recognition decision

The Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Friday that Yerevan has officially recognized the State of Palestine, becoming the 149th country to take this step, which is expected to have significant impacts on its relations with Israel. Israel has summoned the Armenian ambassador in protest.

The Armenian Public Radio reported that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement, “The catastrophic humanitarian situation in Gaza and the ongoing military conflict are key issues on the international political agenda that require a solution.”

The statement added, “Armenia unequivocally rejects the targeting of civilian infrastructure, violence against civilians, and taking them hostage during armed conflicts, joining the international community’s calls for their unconditional release.”

The statement continued, “Armenia has joined the United Nations General Assembly resolutions calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. Moreover, Armenia is sincerely interested in establishing peace and stability in the Middle East.”

The statement further said, “We have consistently advocated for a peaceful and comprehensive resolution of the Palestinian issue at various international forums and supported the two-state solution to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We are convinced that this is the only way to ensure that Palestinians and Israelis can achieve their legitimate aspirations.”

The statement concluded by saying, “Based on the above and reaffirming its commitment to international law and the principles of equality, sovereignty, and peaceful coexistence among peoples, the Republic of Armenia recognizes the State of Palestine.”

In response, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Friday that it had summoned the Armenian ambassador for a reprimand, stating, “Following Armenia’s recognition of the State of Palestine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has summoned the Armenian ambassador to Israel for a stern reprimand.”

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Presidency welcomed the decision of the Republic of Armenia to recognize the State of Palestine, expressing “great appreciation for this brave and important decision, which is a significant step towards strengthening bilateral relations and achieving peace and stability in the region.”

The Presidency stated that “this wise decision from the friendly Republic of Armenia comes as a commendable contribution from countries that believe in the two-state solution as a strategic option aligned with international will and legitimacy. It helps save this solution, which is facing systematic destruction, and contributes to achieving security, peace, and stability for everyone,” according to the Palestinian News and Information Agency (WAFA).

The Palestinian Presidency called on the world, especially European countries that have not yet recognized the State of Palestine, to do so “based on international legitimacy resolutions and along the 1967 borders, including the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. They should follow the example of Spain, Ireland, Norway, Slovenia, and Armenia, which have chosen to support the achievement of peace and stability and the consolidation of international legitimacy and international law. With Armenia’s recognition, the number of countries recognizing the State of Palestine has reached 149 out of 193 member states of the United Nations General Assembly,” according to WAFA.

The Presidency extended its thanks to the brotherly and friendly countries and peoples who have contributed to reaching this stage, and expressed gratitude to the Arab-Islamic Ministerial Committee for its continuous efforts, communications, and valued visits in this regard.

With Armenia’s recognition, the number of countries that recognize Palestine rises to 149 out of 193 countries in the United Nations General Assembly, according to the official Palestinian news agency WAFA.

Recently, Spain, Norway, and Ireland announced their recognition of the State of Palestine following the devastating Israeli war on the Gaza Strip since last October, and the increasing Israeli restrictions on Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.


Since October 7, Israel has waged a destructive war on Gaza with absolute US support, resulting in approximately 123,000 Palestinian casualties, putting Tel Aviv in international isolation and leading to legal pursuits against it before the International Court of Justice.

Israel continues its war despite two United Nations Security Council resolutions calling for an immediate halt, and orders from the International Court of Justice to end the invasion of Rafah, take measures to prevent acts of “genocide,” and improve the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza.

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