Autumn and the start of school: A nutritional recipe to boost your child’s immunity


With the arrival of autumn .and the disruptions that come with the changing seasons. including increased interaction among children as the new school year begins. parents need to know how to strengthen their children’s immune systems to ward off illnesses. and infections as much as possible.

A clinical nutrition consultant provides a nutritional recipe to boost immunity.

Fortifying with Iron

The clinical nutrition consultant, Dr. Bahaa Naji. points out that autumn and temperature changes coincide with the start of the school season .and increased interactions among students inside schools. This necessitates “strengthening their immunity” to avoid illnesses.

The gateway to this immunity is a proper diet that includes iron. which raises the hemoglobin levels in the blood. Naji provides examples:

  • Dark green vegetables like spinach. eggplant, artichokes, and broccoli.
  • Meats, liver, eggs, fish. and legumes.
  • A proper meal should include lemons. and fruits that contain a high percentage of vitamin C because it aids in the body’s recovery .and in the absorption and storage of iron.
  • It’s good for a child to have a cup of honey-sweetened milk daily or a. cup of lentils with half a lemon added.

What About School Lunch?

Regarding the school lunch prepared by a mother for her child. the nutrition consultant advises that it should include two sandwiches. with one of them preferably containing animal protein. such as a slice of grilled meat or a slice of grilled chicken. with the addition of mushrooms, “crow’s bread,” or eggs.

The second sandwich can contain legumes like lentils or cheese with tomatoes. along with vegetables like lettuce or cucumber. and a bottle of fresh juice to provide the child with vitamin C.

Naji also recommends placing a portion of nuts .in the lunchbox to enhance the immune system.


If meat or chicken is not available. the lunch can include eggs, for example, with vegetables like spinach, broccoli. and artichokes. along with a salad .and a generous amount of lemon. Additionally. including potatoes. which are highly beneficial for the immune system. can be considered in the meal. according to the nutrition consultant.

Autumn is characterized by fruits like oranges. kiwis, and pomegranates. and Naji says that all of these fruits strengthen the immune system.

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