Bedbugs, rats, and cockroaches… “A plague of pesas” invades hospitals in England

Swaths of pests are invading hospitals under the National Health Service in England, forcing the heads of these entities to spend millions to combat the infestations.

Heads of the National Health Service warned the government of the urgent need to inject funds into repairing dilapidated buildings to protect patients and staff. The total value of accumulated maintenance works so far amounts to around £11.6 billion in England, equivalent to $14.5 billion US dollars.

The British newspaper “The Guardian” reported that the National Health Service is struggling to deal with a “plague of pests” affecting vulnerable hospitals, with 18,000 pest-related incidents recorded in the past three years. Last year alone, there were 6,666 cases, equivalent to 18 cases per day.

Statistics show that “NHS” heads are forced to spend millions of pounds to combat and deal with the spread of pests. The Liberal Democrats Party requested information under freedom of information laws about 142 hospitals under the National Health Service in England.


The Chief Executive of the Patients Association, Rachel Power, told the British newspaper that what was revealed is “deeply worrying and unacceptable,” adding: “No one should have to endure exposure to insects, bedbugs, rodents, or other pests when already dealing with a medical condition or injury.”

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