Bill Before Parliament… Will Germany Ban the Muslim Brotherhood?

After weeks of debate in Germany regarding the activities of Islamic organizations, especially the group “Muslim Interactive,” it appears that the German Parliament will begin to study a draft resolution aimed at banning the group and associated organizations in the country and seizing their assets.

German media reported that the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, a populist party, submitted the resolution dated May 14 to Parliament for discussion in successive sessions in the coming period, calling on the German government to “continue the fight against Islamic organizations in Germany by taking further measures and imposing bans.”

The lawmakers who introduced the draft wrote, in its preamble that the federal government “does not recognize the actual threat posed by Islamic extremism to the fundamental democratic order of the Federal Republic of Germany,” adding that these currents constitute “a serious threat to the entire Western value system.”

The AfD parliamentary group calls on the federal government to immediately provide the German Bundestag with an updated picture of the nature and extent of current activities of Islamic organizations and terrorist organizations in Germany, “especially regarding the activities of Taliban members on German territory.”

In the second paragraph, the draft states that “further bans on Islamic organizations and anti-Semitic organizations, as well as representatives of political Islam, must be implemented immediately, taking into account the extent of possible measures under the rule of law, including the dissolution of the relevant association, the confiscation of its assets, including other facilities such as educational institutions.”

The draft adds that “the following organizations will be particularly affected by these measures: the Muslim Brotherhood in Germany and its branches, which will also require concrete enforcement measures, especially against the German Muslim community (the umbrella organization of the Brotherhood) and affiliated organizations, this organization being the main representative of the Egyptian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood in Germany.”

This draft is the second to tackle the fight against political Islam in general, discussed by the German Parliament in less than 6 months, indicating that political pressures are increasing on the government to adopt a stricter policy toward these currents, according to observers.

In December last year, the German Parliament, the Bundestag, discussed a draft resolution aimed at combating political Islam in general, with the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood at the heart of the matter.

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