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Iran and Hamas Tried to Build a Military Organization in Jordan… Latest Developments in the Muslim Brotherhood Cell Case

Former Jordanian Information Minister Samih Al-Maaytah stated that military leaders of Hamas residing in Lebanon aimed to establish a military organization in Jordan, in collaboration with Iran.

In a post on (X), he added that some cells affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood were created by Hamas leaders, including Salah Al-Arouri, a senior Hamas official assassinated by Israel in Lebanon.

Al-Maaytah explained that he was not surprised by what (Reuters) reported last week about the seizure of weapons that Iranian militias had attempted to smuggle from Syria to cells within the Muslim Brotherhood organization.

Jordanian authorities appear to be close to pressing new charges against around five members of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, accusing them of establishing a secret cell to store weapons in the kingdom, according to (Rai Al-Youm).

While sources within the Islamic movement and Hamas have been asserting for seven months that three Jordanians are detained for collecting weapons to smuggle them to the West Bank to support the Palestinian resistance, Jordanian official and security circles indicate that the ongoing investigations are not only related to smuggling weapons to occupied Palestine, whether for resistance or for trade, but also for their use in security operations against Israel within Jordan.

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