Britain investigates the threat of refugees from Qatar, who are a witnesses in the Al-Nusra funding issue

British newspaper “The Guardian” revealed a loud scandal
about the involvement of Qatari officials in the issue of a Qatari bank financing terrorism in Syria
According to a request from the Supreme Court
British counterterrorism police have launched an investigation
on Qatar’s threat to witnesses in the Doha Bank financing issue
that has annexes in London
for terrorist groups in Syria
Press reports in Britain indicated
that witnesses and complainants in the case of Qatar’s funding of the Al-Nusra Front in Syria
through Doha Bank
were threatened by Qatari officials
The newspaper “the Guardian” revealed that accusations of avoiding the path of the justice
were appeared at a hearing in London
about the case relating to demands for recompense
by Syrian refugees against the Doha Bank

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