Brother Gamal Almoliky The toxic arm of Qatar in Yemen

Qatari channel Al-Jazeera used all means to deceive and lie
to serve the projects of non-Arabs and Turkish people who say that they are Muslims in Ankara and Tehran
It gathered the actors of sedition who have evil intention
like Gamal Almoliky who is a Yemeni journalist works and lives in Doha
he works as a chain actor or political researcher
by presenting a program entitled
but what he does and the role given to him is more than working in journalism and media
because he actually sold his soul to the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization in the 1990s
when he was joining the Islah party in Sanaa
and visiting Doha to form the group’s activists at the Al Jazeera Training Center
and the Doha Institute and the Arab Center for Political Studies, which is directed by Azmi Bishara
There, Gamal Almoliky worked under the direction of the Qatari brother, Jassim Muhammad Sultan, at the Al-Nahda Foundation
to completely adopt the agendas of the brotherhood
appealing for the re-establishment of the Ottoman Caliphate under the leadership of Erdogan to occupy the Yemen land
Almoliky also participated in the production of programs encouraging the aims of the terrorist group in Yemen
and he claimed that they were just like investigation, like the films Death at the Border and Al-Mahra…the ulterior intentions
in which he attacked both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates
and he doesn’t hesitate to use the worst methods and the wrong means
to achieve the interests of his benefactors in Doha to launch the attack on his country people

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